Your 7-Day Dinner Plan: Recipes for Tomato Season

One of our favorite times of the year means making the most of summer-ripe tomatoes.

Tomato, tomahto...however you pronounce it, a ripe tomato is truly a thing of beauty.

If you're tired of Caprese salads or pasta (is there such a thing?), we've got some new uses for this fabulous fruit, whether it's front and center or playing a supporting-but-key role in a recipe.

Thin slices of tomato find their way into a riff on grilled cheese stuffed with crispy bacon, as well as onto a homemade grilled pizza with sweet red onions and nutrient-packed leafy greens.

A quick and simple one-pan chicken dinner gets bursts of fresh flavor grape tomatoes, cooked until they burst open, plus lots of fragrant fresh basil.

Try an extra summery twist on gazpacho with a recipe that adds juicy, refreshing watermelon to the usual combo of tomato and cucumber. You'll love the way the melon's sweetness balances out the heat of spicy chilies. (Want more ways to use in-season watermelon and cucumbers? Head here.)

So go ahead and pick up a pound or two of tomatoes from the market and experiment with them in the kitchen. Not sure how to spot a ripe one? They should feel heavy for their weight—this means they're juicy. Ripe tomatoes are firm but have just the slightest bit of give when you hold them (no need to squeeze too hard). Lastly, give the stem a sniff, as a superb tomato will be somewhat fragrant.

Whether you leave them raw or cook them to concentrate their sweetness, when they're in season they're absolutely delicious no matter how you slice 'em.