Your 7-Day Dinner Plan: Small Batch Recipes for One

Trying to avoid food waste? Enjoy these flavorful meals for one!

Most dinner recipes tend to default to serving four or six (yes, we're also guilty of this at WW) to ensure they can feed everyone in your household, or provide you with enough leftovers to last the week. But if you're not cooking for a crowd, or if you're tired of eating the same thing for three days in a row, these small batch recipes are the perfect portion for y-o-u.

Cooking for one should never mean sacrificing flavor or giving up the chance to enjoy something extra (but still simple). With that in mind, you can expect these recipes to really invigorate your taste buds!

The salad here features luscious figs and sweet, juicy peaches, plus ricotta salata, a specialty cheese that's salty and grateable, unlike its creamy cousin.

Use the convenience and blazing heat of the grill to whip up a quick, restaurant-worthy seafood dinner of grilled swordfish and veggies, all drizzled with a tangy avocado sauce you'll want to slather on everything.

The other glorious part about cooking in smaller batches? Generally less prep and quicker cleanup.

And, hey, if you change your mind and decide you do want leftovers (or feel like sharing), these meals multiply easily to feed more.