Why mocktails are having a moment—and 11 delicious drinks to try

If getting healthy is your goal, every small step matters. And scaling back on alcohol is one that'll support your journey almost immediately.
Published August 9, 2022

“While you never have to give up your favorite foods and drinks at WeightWatchers, alcohol may not be the most supportive of your goals on a weight-loss journey. Unlike other sources of calories (like those from chicken, fruit, or whole grains), calories from alcohol don’t provide any nutritional benefit and when consumed in excess, alcoholic beverages can be linked to adverse health effects,” says Angela Goscilo, M.S., R.D., a registered dietitian and the senior manager of nutrition at WW .

Because we’re (big) fans of happy hour, we’ve created 11 refreshing, better-for-you mocktail recipes so you can sip your way to success.