13 Dessert Recipes to Try on WeightWatchers®' Diabetes-Tailored Plan

Dessert is always an option with WW. These simple desserts hit the sweet spot–they’re higher in fiber and protein and call for less added sugar than typical recipes.
Published June 3, 2022

Not only is dessert still on the menu if you have diabetes, you can also get inventive and enjoy some out-of-the-box creations. While all of these recipes are a touch lighter on added sugar than your more traditional desserts (meaning they are less likely to spike blood sugar), they’re higher on creativity and taste amazing. Also: “The servings are a little smaller, helping you still enjoy the foods you love while managing your blood sugar,” says Angela Goscilo, M.S., R.D.N., a registered dietitian nutritionist and senior manager of nutrition at WW.