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WW has made me love food again

For a long time, my weight and lifestyle kept me from enjoying meal time. The WW approach is liberating, and it hasn’t only taught me how to eat—it’s taught me how to live.

The WW Healthy KitchenTM
Cook Up Comfort Cookbook

To me, comfort food is about flavor, about authenticity, and about approachability. It’s the kind of food you don’t have to micromanage; it’s the kind of food you can cook and share with joy. And that’s why I’m so excited to introduce this fantastic collection of WW recipes,* both as an enthusiastic member of the WW community and as Brand Ambassador for WW Healthy Kitchen™.

*SmartPoints values may vary from the cookbook. Search for the recipes on our app or website for tracking.

I'm emphasizing
flavor in a healthy way

Shrimp is luxurious, buttery, and easy to work into the program! There's nothing better than feeling like you're spoiling yourself when you're actually eating a meal that's good for you. Get my Shrimp and Grits recipe.









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