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Steven: I feel proud knowing my girls are seeing me make healthier choices

When Steven joined WW he hoped to become healthier and more active. But most of all, he hoped to inspire his teenage daughters to do the same…
Published 4 July, 2019


Steven’s story

Weight lost: 2st 11lb
Age: 39
WW Workshop: Newtown Conservative Club, Poole, Dorset
WW Coach: Karen Brake
Connect: @spc1979


Making a change


After years of enjoying a bit too much beer and pizza while sitting around watching the football, my lifestyle was starting to take a toll on my health. Every now and then I’d try to get healthy on my own. I’d lose a bit of weight, then go on holiday and put it all back on again. Seeing pictures of my beer belly made me think, ‘This is not the man I want my girls to look up to.’ I knew I wanted to become a better example for them to follow, so I decided to join WW.


Setting an example


Being dad to three girls means I’m very aware of the pressure they face on social media. They see photos of ‘perfect’ people online and I worry they could think they have to look a certain way, which might not be healthy. WW is a reminder that it is possible to maintain a healthy weight and body image without depriving yourself. And that’s what I want my girls to know – that you can be healthy and happy and still enjoy the occasional treat.


All in the family


I feel proud knowing that my girls are seeing me make healthier choices. Sometimes when they’re having a pizza on a Saturday night, I’ll make myself chicken and vegetables instead, and they support me. Since joining WW, I’ve encouraged the girls to join me on walks. It’s fun to be active together as a family, and it keeps us all healthy.


Proud parenting


Like most teenagers, my daughters tend to spend all of their spare time glued to their phones. But when they do look up, they often tell me how well I’ve done for getting healthier. That means so much to me. I can’t stop my girls from being bombarded with photos of celebrities or negative comments online, but I’m trying to be an example to them. If just a few of my new, healthy habits rub off on them, or help them to build up their own self-esteem, then it’s all been worthwhile. And while I know teenagers often find their dad to be embarrassing, I like to think they’re secretly proud of me, deep down. I know I am.