Stevie: Instagram helped me find my happy

Fed up with yo-yo dieting and feeling down about her body, WW Member Stevie scrolled her way to success.
Published 22 October, 2018
"I was scrolling through Instagram when I found WW Members who were happy, real, and proved that the programme could work!"

Start weight: 13st 2lb | Weight loss: 2st 9lb 
Current weight: 10st 7lb 
Height: 5' 8" |  Age: 27
Studio: Newton Aycliffe, Durham

Insta inspiration

I used to hate having my photo taken – I followed one quick-fix diet or another for most of my life, and although I managed to lose some weight, I wasn’t happy with my body. Staying motivated was a constant struggle. Then, one day I was scrolling through Instagram looking for inspiration when I found WW Members who were happy, real, and proved that the WW weight-loss programme could work around day-to-day life. I knew then it could work for me.

The only way is up

Since joining, I’ve never looked at a food and thought, ‘I can’t have that’. I got to goal in April 2018 and becoming a Gold Member was fantastic. However, once the buzz had faded away, I felt lost. My body didn’t look the way I’d imagined it would at a healthy weight, so I realised I needed to do something to change my body shape, not just my weight. I signed up for boxercise and body combat classes – both helped me lose a few extra pounds, but the real win was losing 4 inches from my waist and 9 inches overall! 

Support network

My confidence has improved so much that I’ve set up my own WW profile on Instagram, and now I have 18k followers! At first, I used my account purely as a visual food journal to help me keep track of my SmartPoints®, but now I post recipes too. I still have the occasional crisis of confidence before hitting the ‘share’ button, but no one judges me. All I get back is love!