Simone: Now, I’m wearing a size-10 bikini!

Simone can’t wait to head off into the sun this summer, but it hasn’t always been that way…
Published 15 May, 2024

Simone's story

Weight loss: 5st 9lb 
Start weight: 16st 2lb
Current weight: 10st 7lb
Goal weight: 10st 7lb
Age: 28
Height: 5ft 8in
Time taken to goal: 1 year, 2 months

"Now, after losing 5st 9lb, I can relax on holiday. "

I didn't dare put my tummy on show

I used to cover up with T-shirts and tankinis on holiday. Weighing more than 16st and wearing a size 18, midriff-baring bikinis were out of the question. Displaying my spare tyre? Unthinkable! I didn’t dare put my tummy or back on show.

My weight made me develop asthma

I’d always been big, but my weight skyrocketed when I met my fiancé, Guy. I matched him portion for portion and it wasn’t long before I no longer fitted into my clothes. I even developed asthma – just climbing a flight of stairs would leave me breathless.

My light bulb moment

In February 2015, Guy offered to buy me a new outfit as a treat before taking me out for a nice meal. But as I tried to find something in the shop in a size 18, I broke down in tears – I couldn’t believe I was shopping for clothes in that size. That week, I joined WW.

I finally enjoyed shopping

Thanks to the support of my WW Coach and fellow WW members, I learned to cook homemade dinners and desserts that were low in Points. Once I’d got to goal, I joined a gym and my asthma improved. But what I most enjoyed was shopping for smaller outfits – I finally felt less self-conscious.

I love wearing my bikini now!

I used to dread poolside pictures and snaps at the seaside. Now I’m glad I can look back on those photos – they remind me of a body I never want to go back to. These days, I love nothing more than lounging by the pool in my size 10 bikini.