Selena lost weight on myWW

Since joining WW, Selena Schimko has regained her health without losing her lifestyle.

Selena’s ‘why’

“When I turned 40, I felt old and tired – and determined to do something about it. Plus, I’d recently had back surgery after years of pain and was experiencing debilitating migraines. I wanted to get healthy and now, I can count on one hand the migraines I’ve had since I started my WW journey!”

Q & A with Selena

3 reasons WW works for Selena
It’s travel friendly

“My husband and I love to travel and WW is with us all the way. It makes picking the healthiest choices from a menu simple, while feeling free to enjoy a few holiday treats at the same time.”

The tools

“The WW app is magic. I love being able to search for recipes that suit your ingredients or how much time you’ve got, but using it at a restaurant to check out my choices is my favourite feature.”

The results

“I’ve tried other diets and even booked in for weight-loss surgery at one point. A week out from my operation, I decided I couldn’t go through with it. I joined WW and instantly started seeing results.”