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Saskia: “I've got my spark and my confidence back”

Saskia lost 2st 5lb with WW! *
Published 3 December, 2020
When did you start your WW journey?

I started WW in January. It's been the best choice for me personally because I like how it's all on my phone. I love that I can scan everything, everywhere (at work, out and about, in the supermarket) using the in-app barcode scanner, one of my favourite features in the WW app.

I've tried all sorts before and WW is the one I’ve found easiest to stick at. I love the recipes in the app - I do all my cooking from there - and the workouts, too. And it's just fun. I know that sounds silly, losing weight is fun, but it is! It’s a lifestyle and that's why I think I've stuck at it, because it doesn't seem like hard work.

What do you love about the app?

I like having my day-to-day all in one place; it’s simple and convenient. I can plan out my week, and even plan a week in advance if I want to. It's just all there, ready to go, so I don't have to think about it. It's just easy.

I love the new features with WW too. For example, I can do my Wellness Check-In to log how I’m feeling and set myself targets for the following week. You set your own goals, which puts you in control.

There’s also a brand new feature called What’s In Your Fridge. I think that's brilliant because we've all got those random bits in the dreaded bottom drawer in the fridge, and you think, what on earth can I do with that? So you’d type in ‘carrots’ and then the app will generate recipes for you, like carrot soup or carrot cake - loads of things!

Do you feel any different since joining WW?

WW has massively changed how I feel about myself. I've got my spark and my confidence back - I just feel like me again. I used to hate seeing a photo of myself and thinking, oh God, delete that, delete that, and then you don't have any memories to look back on! Now, I’ve got my photos, I've got all my memories, and I’ve got my confidence too.

There's definitely more to WW than just weight loss. Initially my main focus was weight loss, but my mindset has changed so much. There's loads on the app to do with mindfulness, like Headspace meditations, which really helps me recharge. You can also track your sleep, water and activity as well as your food - so it's definitely more of an all-rounder.

Tell us about your weight loss journey.

I've almost hit goal! I’m wavering around the last couple of pounds now. Now that I'm so close it's been a little more challenging, but that's why I like it - you can set yourself mini goals for success.

How has losing weight made you feel?

Hearing friends and family say, “Oh wow, you've lost so much weight!” is such a confidence boost. Trying on clothes is a much nicer experience now, too - I don’t have to worry about not fitting into things. I’ve even changed my style: before, I’d hide away in the baggiest outfit I could find, but now I can wear something that makes me feel a lot more confident.

Are you on your journey with anyone else?

I've got a couple of my family members onto the WW programme now, and a couple of my friends have tried it too, which is brilliant. I love that I’ve inspired other people. Plus, being able to talk to somebody else who's on the same plan as you really does help.

I’ve also been cooking more with my boyfriend, especially over lockdown. It’s nice to see him put more care and effort into what he’s eating - usually he’s a bit of a beige, frozen, whack-it-in-the-oven kind of person!

*Saskia lost 2st 5lb in 45 weeks.