Success Stories

Paul: Helping one another out is important

How member Paul helps other men get started on their WW journey
Published 29 January, 2019
"Now, I don’t put a number on my weight – as long as I’m happy with my size. "


Weight loss: 7st 4lb 
Age: 32
Studio: Crookston Hotel, Glasgow
WW Coach: Michelle D’arcy


Bad habits

In 2014, I had to walk up a hill to get to the office on the first day of my new job, and I felt completely breathless. I was so out of breath I couldn’t even greet my new manager. That night, I stepped on the scales and was shocked to see I weighed more than 23st. It was then I knew I had to do something.


Making changes

I’d been overweight from a young age, but when I got older and began to buy my own food, my weight shot up. Mum had been a WW member in the past and said she was willing to go back if I joined her. My first WW Workshop was nerve-wracking, but my WW Coach, Michelle, was so friendly. I reached goal in 2015, but felt too thin. Now, I don’t put a number on my weight – as long as I’m happy with my size.


Staying accountable

Ten months after joining, I started an Instagram account. WW doesn’t end when your Workshop does, and I found Instagram was a good place to connect with like-minded members outside mine. I also discovered amazing online networks designed to support members, which was really helpful.


Helping others

I have nearly 8,000 followers, many of who are men. Often, they want to join WW but they’re not sure it’s for them, so they message me for advice. Sometimes I get messages from women who are worried about their male partner’s weight and want to encourage him to join. I do my best to reassure them, and know of several people who have joined since speaking to me. I really enjoy that side of social media – helping one another out is so important on this journey.