Success Stories

Pai: “WeightWatchers changed the way I look at my body and the way I feel about myself. I am kinder to myself, too”

Coach Pai who has lost 1stone 13lbs, talks about confidence, community, and finding her very active happy place.
Published 2 September, 2022
How it all began

With a trip to India approaching, I started WeightWatchers in 2018 so I could be in better shape for that holiday. I’ll be honest, that first Workshop saw a VERY nervous me walk through the door. But an immediate sense of welcoming, friendship, and support made a huge difference.

But… at the start some early gains meant I wasn’t always weighing in, and on that holiday, I had some trouble walking. But it was the photos that made me realise I needed to go back to join my friends at WeightWatchers. And this time, it stuck.

Taking it steady

The key to sustained success is knowing that there are no quick fixes. Weight that takes years to put on will take time to come off. So for me, as well as really getting used to Points and healthier eating, I got into the other aspects - especially activity. My Coach ran a walking group which was not only great exercise but helped me grow my friendship circle and confidence. Then I joined a gym as well.

Image of Pai who has successfully lost weight with WeightWatchers

Friendship perks

An extra benefit of WeightWatchers is that you become part of a community and spend time together away from Workshops and walking groups, or joining in with conversations on Connect.

Running through lockdown

I was already a Zumba instructor, so loved to move, but as the weight came off and Lockdown kicked in, I discovered running as a way of staying active. Along with my WW Coach I started training for Coach to 5K, and after some initial huffing and puffing, I just kept on going! I took on more and more challenges and longer distances, developing a running and medal ad diction along the way. Having managed to cover 12K in a run, I worked my way up to attempting the distance of the London Marathon, finishing in 7 and a half hours! And after participating virtually during the pandemic and a couple of failed ballots, I’m so excited to say that I’ll be there, doing the real thing in 2023.

I’ve also taken up wild water swimming - not just amazing exercise but great for mindset, which isanother key WW pillar.

A confident Coach Pai!

Alongside all the active challenges and healthier eating, I’m now a WeightWatchers Coach. A big motivator for doing this is because I want members to feel better about themselves, the way I do. It may not result in signing up for a marathon, but there shouldn’t be limitations on what we do or our self-belief.

Image of Coach Pai smiling with her hands in the air

A final message

WeightWatchers has given me the tools and confidence to be bold and try stuff. So if you’re reading this, don’t hide away, talk kindly to yourself and live life for you! And you won’t regret starting your WeightWatchers journey - it may be the best decision you ever make.