Success Stories

Michelle: I'm happier and healthier since joining WW!

The desire to start a family and being unhappy with how she looked made Michelle take control.
Published 31 July, 2018
"Soon after joining, I began to feel the health benefits of eating a more healthier and balanced diet."

Start weight: 15st 1½lb | Weight loss: 2st 8lb
Current weight: 12st 6½lb 
Height: 5' 2" |  Age: 31
Studio: Meetings + Online & App
Wellness Coach: Jayne Sibley

Joining WW

My husband, Martin and I had wanted to lose weight for some time, but were unsure as to how to go about it. We visited our GP in January 2018, and she referred us to WW. Soon after joining, I began to feel the health benefits of eating a more healthier and balanced diet. I felt I had more energy, as a consequence, I was able to start walking more with my husband, and getting further each time. I have a physical disability which makes more physical activity difficult but, with each pound lost, things are getting easier. I took part in the 10k Race for Life this year with a group of friends. This would have been almost impossible to do before losing the weight.

Loving WW 

I love WW because we have never felt like we are on a diet. It gives us so much freedom as to what we can eat. There are so many foods that you can eat guilt free, and not feel the need to pick on naughty foods.  We still enjoy the odd meal out, but make sure we plan ahead, and carry forward as many SmartPoints® as we can, so we can allow ourselves to have a treat. There is such a massive range of choice in foods, some I already knew I liked, and some I've tried and loved. I think about what I am eating before I eat it.

New found happiness

It's been an all round change really. I'm happier in myself and more active. I've noticed my energy levels have increased. I am still working on my confidence levels, however becoming a member has definitely helped me to take a massive step towards that.