Success Stories

Julie: Yes, I’m busy – but I can still stay on track!

WW member Julie doesn’t let her busy life get in the way of her wellness goals
Published 28 January, 2019
"Since losing 6st I’m no longer so camera-shy."


Weight loss: 6st 3lb 
Age: 53
Studio: Wickersley Library and Community Centre, Rotherham, Yorkshire
WW Coach: Lisa Dodds


Always hiding

While on holiday with my family, my husband took a group photo and I hid behind my daughter. When I saw the picture later, I cringed. In my size-22 T-shirt and long skirt, I looked like one of the tents at the nearby campsite!

I’d been overweight for years and tried many crash diets. Healthy food wasn’t a priority, as looking after the family, working as a special-needs teacher and checking in on my mum and stepfather, as well as helping them with shopping and odd jobs or chores, all seemed more important. As a result, I grabbed whatever was most convenient.


Making a change

The photo made me finally take notice. I found there was a local WW Workshop at 8.30am every Saturday, which meant I could go before anyone else in the house was awake!

I saw it as a fresh start. I downloaded the WW app and gave the barcode scanner a try while doing my weekly shop. It was a shock to discover how much added sugar was in the juice and cereal I usually bought, but it made me more determined to change.

I was relieved to find the programme fitted into my busy life. For instance, we still enjoy Bolognese for dinner, but I’ll have spiralised courgette while my husband and kids have pasta. I even started jogging three times a week!


The new me

Since losing 6st I’m no longer so camera-shy. But the best thing about losing weight is I have far more energy for my different roles in life – wife, mother, daughter, teacher... my daughter has even stuck my ‘then’ and ‘now’ photos on her inspiration board at school, and Mum often tells me how proud she is.