Success Stories

Emma: I lost 7st while working in a chocolate shop!

To get healthy for good, Emma knew she’d have to make some changes to her eating habits. But her job in a chocolate shop didn’t make things easy…
Published 19 March, 2018
"WW didn’t just change my lifestyle; it also helped me learn to love myself!"

Start weight: 18st  2lb | Weight loss:  7st 6lb
Current weight: 10st 10lb 
Height: 5' 4" |  Age: 29
Studio: Provan Mill, Glasgow
Wellness Coach: Sheryl McDonald and Fiona Dickson 

My motivation…

Logan, my little boy, was my motivation for getting healthy. Without him, I wouldn’t have been so determined to lose weight – especially because in my job at Thorntons, my willpower was low. Whenever I’d get the slightest bit hungry, I’d run straight for snacks like crisps and chocolate. At over 18st, it was clear my eating habits weren’t doing me any favours.

My journey…

Once I joined WW, I learned how to control my snacking, even when surrounded by chocolate. I realised that I could still eat the foods I loved; I just needed to be a bit smarter about portion control. To help me stay on track, I took WW sweets and fruit to work for when I fancied a nibble. I also started using a pedometer to track my steps and push me to move more. 

My future…

The first dress size I dropped proved that I’d made the right move. Seeing the weight come off was huge motivation to keep going – and getting to goal felt really sweet. WW didn’t just change my lifestyle; it also helped me learn to love myself. And by keeping a smile on my face and thinking positively, I know I’ll make better choices for life.