Success Stories

Elisha: After going vegan, I can’t imagine going back!

WW member and ambassador Elisha shares how Instagram and becoming vegan helped her become the best version of herself.
"I guess you could say Instagram (and eating vegan foods!) has changed my life for the better! "

Start weight: 11st 12lb | Weight loss: 2st 2lb
Current weight: 9st 10lb 
Height: 5' 6" |  Age: 25
Studio: Digital

Unhealthy relationship with food

Even from as young as five, I remember being picked on because of my size. As I grew older, my relationship with food became unhealthy and I turned to extreme diets – from slimming shakes to skipping entire meals – in a bid to lose weight. I ended up in an unhealthy cycle of shedding a few pounds, getting bored, binge eating, then gaining more weight...


Joining WW

It was during a trip to Paris that I decided I had to change my relationship with food for good. The city was really hot, and my clothes felt tight and my thighs rubbed together. I was uncomfortable the whole time, and it was the final push I needed to join WW.


Becoming vegan

It was a friend who suggested that I take photos of my meals and post them on Instagram. I thought it was an odd idea at first – why would anyone care what I was eating? Little did I know I’d end up with over 30,000 followers! It’s kept me accountable, but it’s also made me more adventurous when it comes to cooking. I’d been pescatarian since my teens, then vegetarian, but I recently became a vegan and can’t imagine going back. The meat and dairy-free recipes I’ve found on Instagram keep me inspired – there are so many to try.


Instagram changed my life!

I posted on my Instagram account anonymously until I reached goal, then I did a ‘big reveal’ of myself with my Gold Member certificate. Since then, I’ve made some lovely friends online. I guess you could say Instagram (and eating vegan foods!) has changed my life for the better!