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Cath: "I want to feel beautiful on my big day!"

After years of being a bridesmaid, it’s WW member Cath’s turn to be the bride, and she can’t wait to celebrate…
Published 23 May, 2019

Cath’s story

Weight lost: 1st 3lb
Age: 32
WW Workshop: Neath Guide Hall, Neath, Wales
WW Coach: Lisa Price


Surprise proposal

The proposal from my partner Richard took me completely by surprise. It was something I’d longed for, and after 11 years together, it came right out of the blue. We were on skiing holiday in Bulgaria with four friends at the time. At the top of a mountain, surrounded by bright skies and sparkling snow, I turned around to find Rich bent down on one knee, clutching a ring and asking me to be his wife. Of course I said yes!

Always the bridesmaid


Over the years we’ve seen many of our friends tie the knot and I was always the bridesmaid, never the bride. But I dreamed of getting married one day and shopping for the perfect dress. Once we found our perfect venue – a chateau in France – my thoughts turned to how I could look and feel my best on my hen do and in my wedding dress.


Finding support


WW was an obvious choice, as I’ve been a member on and off since I was 18. I’d lose a stone, then make the mistake of deciding to go it alone and regain the weight. I knew I needed support to get to my goal weight, so this time around I decided to go to a WW Workshop. The sense of community really motivates me, as everyone in the room has something in common and they all understand the journey.


The perfect dress


As I’ve become healthier, I’ve started to feel happier and more confident about being a bride and shopping for the perfect dress. It needs to be long – there’s something special about wearing a full-length gown – and flattering on my arms. It also needs to be comfortable, so I can have a boogie on the dance floor and pick up my five-year-old niece, who will be our flower girl. But the number-one requirement is that I have to feel beautiful in it.


My special day


Wearing my dream dress means everything to me. I’m going to be surrounded by the most important people in my life, promising to share my future with the man I love. I don’t want to be worrying about how to stand for photos, or what I look like. I just want to be in the moment. And when Rich and I look back on our wedding, I want to know that not only was it the best day of our lives, but that I was my very best self.