Success Stories

Alistair: I have my mother-in-law to thank for my new lease of life

A brutally honest remark from his mother-in-law kick-started Alistair’s new, healthier lifestyle.
Published 22 January, 2019
"After getting to goal, my wife bought me a new wedding ring, as I’d gone down six ring sizes! "


Weight loss: 8st 4lb 
Age: 31
Studio: Yeovil Labour Club, Yeovil, Somerset
WW Coach: Becky Birch


The old me

I was podgy as a child, but after I got married, my weight shot up. As a stay-at-home dad, I focused on my children’s needs and left little time for my own meals. Bowls of sugary cereal and family-size blocks of chocolate seemed more convenient. I’d tuck into a full meal with my wife once she got home, despite having just polished off the kids’ leftovers!

I was doing my best, but being unhealthy meant I got breathless trying to keep up with the kids. My weight was also affecting my self-esteem.


My journey

‘You’re fat!’ blurted my mum-in-law at a family event in 2015. It wasn’t a surprise, as she’d had a little dig at me before.

Deep down, I knew she was right. She’d lost 3st after joining WW 18 years earlier, so I took on her challenge to lose a stone before Christmas. I joined WW Digital and she loaned me her WW cookbooks so I could make healthier versions of family favourites, such as spag bol.

Incredibly, I lost 3st by December. That’s when I decided that going to WW Workshops would give me the support I needed to keep going.


The best me

After getting to goal in 2017, my wife bought me a new wedding ring, as I’d gone down six ring sizes! I want to inspire my kids, so we now eat the same healthy dinner as a family. I take part in local parkruns, and started doing the junior parkrun with the kids as well, which we all love. As for my mum-in-law, we’re always swapping tips on how to stay healthy and I have her honesty to thank for my new lease of life.