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Roasted vegetable tacos with slaw

Points® value
Total Time
1 hr
20 min
40 min
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Cauliflower, Raw

1 whole, small, leaves removed and discarded, cut into small florets

Red pepper

1 medium, deseeded and sliced

Butternut Squash

350 g, cut into 1cm cubes

Calorie controlled cooking spray

4 spray(s)

Chilli flakes

1 teaspoon(s), level

Oregano, Dried

1 teaspoon(s), level

Ground Cumin

1 tablespoon(s), level


1 tablespoon(s), level, smoked

Black beans in water

1 can(s), medium, drained

Lime Juice, Fresh

4 tablespoon(s)

0% fat natural Greek yogurt

75 g

Vinegar, All Types

2 teaspoon(s), cider


125 g, red, finely shredded

Carrots, raw

1 small, cut into matchsticks

Spring Onions

3 medium, trimmed and sliced

Coriander, fresh

2 tablespoon(s), chopped

Tesco Corn Tortilla Wraps

8 individual


  1. Preheat the oven to 200°C, fan 180°C, gas mark 6. Put the cauliflower, pepper and squash in a large shallow roasting tin. Mist with cooking spray and toss through the chilli, oregano, cumin and smoked paprika. Season well.
  2. Roast for 35 minutes, turning halfway, until the vegetables are tender and lightly charred. Add the black beans to the tin, toss together, and roast for another 5 minutes. Let cool slightly, then stir through half the lime juice
  3. To make the slaw, combine the yogurt and remaining lime juice with the vinegar. Put the cabbage, carrot and onions in a large bowl and pour over the yogurt mixture. Toss together, and stir through half the coriander.
  4. Warm the corn tortillas to pack instructions. Top each tortilla with the roasted vegetables and slaw and serve garnished with the remaining coriander