Photo of Warm chicken and bacon salad by WW

Warm chicken and bacon salad

Points® value

Meal Items

Calorie controlled cooking spray

4 spray(s)

Chicken breast, skinless, raw

150 g, diced

Bacon medallions, raw

2 rasher(s), chopped

Spring Onions

4 medium, chopped

Cherry Tomatoes

8 individual, halved

Balsamic vinegar

3 teaspoon(s)


50 g

Black pepper

1 pinch


Mist a non stick frying pan with cooking spray. Season the chicken and add to the pan with the bacon. Fry for 5 mins. Mix in the spring onions and tomatoes and fry for 2 mins, stirring. Add the balsamic vinegar and heat for a few seconds. Spoon over the spinach leaves in a serving bowl so that they just begin to soften and wilt. Season and serve immediately.

Tip: In the ingredients, we suggest using calorie controlled cooking spray, however you can choose to use healthy oil instead. Using the Weight Watchers oil sprayer will make it go further.