WW member special: post-lockdown plans

Four of our fab members share their experiences of lockdown and their post-lockdown plans - exciting!
Published 16 July, 2021


Hi everyone, I'm Colette!

My long term goal was to be fitter and healthier at 40 than I was at 30. I turned 40 in January, which unfortunately meant that COVID ruined my plans of celebrating in style... Not only were we in lockdown, but my hubby also caught COVID, so we were also in isolation! One of my presents was entry into the Derby half marathon (how things change, eh!) which was obviously postponed too.

My post-lockdown plans are a big delayed 40th celebration with my family in Anglesey. I want to be confident on the beach with my two monkeys (Isabelle and Harrison), swimming, playing football and doing cartwheels in the sea. I'd also love to be able to buy a fabulous new outfit for my party night. Making memories and laughing with my kids is my favourite pastime, and I want this year's holiday to be remembered as the one where we got through it all.

When we come home, I'll need to train and train some more for my first ever half marathon to get over the finishing line. My running hobby started with me completing the Couch To 5k challenges, and at the start I could only run for 90 seconds - so it would be a massive personal achievement!



Hi guys, I'm Tony!

We can't wait for lockdown to end so we can enjoy some more freedom as a family - we're off to Center Parcs to celebrate! We actually booked it months ago, so it's pure coincidence that it will coincide with the end of lockdown.

We're going with my sister's family, which means there'll be 9 of us in a lovely cabin. The kids are all booked for jet-ski and sailing adventures, and the dads have booked quad bikes!

There will be plenty of hot tub parties and swimming adventures - we can't wait!


Hi everyone, I'm Elle!

All three lockdowns have been different for me. The first one I embraced fully, carefully taking the time to ensure my exercise and meal planning regime was on point. I absolutely loved it and met some amazing new friends online to keep me company. Strangely, I felt liberated!

By the time of the second lockdown, I was a little more relaxed in my regime but still very much focused on maintaining my goal weight.

Post Christmas…that’s when I found I was struggling both mentally and physically. It really wasn’t me at all! I had a very rocky couple of months: living on my own and working in the care sector it really took its toll, and I hate to admit that I fell off the rails. I feel like the third lockdown hit a lot of people differently, and what once made us more determined made us feel like we were failing.

But failing is not in the WW vocabulary! With the help and support of my online coaches, friends and family I was able to stabilise myself before I completely de-railed, and I am so grateful for all of the support that was offered to me.

So now the countdown is on to get back to normality - and although I’m very cautious about the lifting of restrictions - I’m trying to think back to what I enjoyed doing before COVID hit. The last time I went ‘out out’ at night was 2019, and that really doesn’t interest me now! I much prefer a monthly meet-up with friends, and I can’t wait to meet up in a group of more than six.

WW's Virtual Workshops are amazing, and have helped support many of us over the past 18 months. Having said that, I can’t wait for my in-person Workshops to fully re-open again - it'll be lovely to have a chat over a brew, discuss the latest brand of biscuit we've found with a low SmartPoints value, and generally get that community feel back once again.


Hi guys, I'm Emma!

For me, coming out of lockdown is feeling super real. Not being able to go out and eat or drink cocktails has worked wonders for staying motivated and on plan. I most certainly will not be ruining all that hard work now! I’ll be staying dedicated to getting to goal - I've only got 10lbs to go! Just in time for my cousin's wedding and hopefully my holiday to Greece 😍

I'll also continue to eat super tasty WW meals I’ve been cooking and enjoying during lockdown, and gym classes are also back to keep me motivated!