Vicky's top tips for making the most of all-inclusive holidays

Vicky shares how to manage your weight goals, while enjoying every minute of an all-inclusive holiday.
Published 19 September, 2023

Hi, I'm Vicky (aka @the_mumtum_diaries on Instagram), and I’m a WW member.

When it comes to the holiday season on any weight loss or maintenance journey, it’s easy to have one of two mindsets. These can be: "I'm going to eat healthy AND stay active this holiday", or "I'm not thinking about weight loss, it's holiday time!". And neither one is wrong. In fact, there’s absolutely no reason why you can't do both.

During my three years as a WW member, I've been lucky enough to go on three all-inclusive holidays - and I’ve learnt a lot in this time. In this blog I’m going to share with you some of my top tips to having an amazing time on your all-inclusive holiday, without the worry of letting all your hard efforts go to pot! 

Don't let holiday mode begin before it’s even started.

Something we are probably all guilty of doing at one point or another, is letting the odd treat (or three) drop into our day, whilst telling ourselves it’s fine because we’re basically already on holiday. 

Of course, you’re more than right to want to wind down and ease yourself in, but sometimes taking your eye off the ball isn't necessary just yet.

When in Rome... 

Try the foods! One of the most beautiful things about travelling is sampling the different flavours, so make sure you try them. Mediterranean fruit…fish…meats…I'm sure you'll be able to get all of this and more at your all-inclusive restaurant.

Plus, there are so many low or even ZeroPoint™ meals that you can enjoy whilst away. You just need to make sure you choose wisely if you want to stay on track. 

If we ate at the pool bar on holiday, I would go for a chicken club sandwich but leave half the bread once I was full. In the mornings at breakfast I would head straight to the omelette station where they were made fresh by a chef, and you could choose your own fillings - mushrooms, spinach and tomatoes were always my go to. And if this didn’t fill me up, then I would make sure to fill half of my plate with a salad as well.

Of course I love chips too, and we don’t often have them at home anymore, so I did make sure to treat myself on holiday - just not every day! Another meal that became my favourite was watermelon and feta salad. So refreshing in the hot weather.

So there are lots of simple things you can do to make sure you don't end up in a food coma.

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You can still take advantage of the cocktails! 

Let’s be honest…you can't go to an all-inclusive and not have a cocktail or two - and I’m a sucker for pina coladas. The never-ending creaminess is normally my downfall, and if I’m going to gain any weight it will most likely be from this!

On my last holiday though, I made sure to try to try some gin and vodka based cocktails - keeping in mind a pub measure is generally around 2 Points® - and it taught me that you really can be mindful about what you're drinking without feeling like you're missing out (just make sure you get the sugar-free mixer too!). 

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Stay active

When you’re on holiday, it's always tempting to lounge by the pool, reading and sleeping your days away - and sometimes we need it - but it’s great to make sure that you're still staying as active as any other day.

If your hotel has a gym, why not take advantage of it? And if not, don't worry, there are so many other ways you can stay active. My family and I got walking: we explored the beautiful area around us whilst taking in the culture, and boosting our Points Budgets at the same time! 

But if you do find yourself by the pool for a long time, then why not use it to get some lengths in when you jump in to cool down? I've definitely been known to take my trainers away and run along the beach in the early morning too. My favourite place to be is the beach, so I find it easier to get moving when I'm there.  

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Most importantly...

Enjoy your holiday! I know I did. This holiday I gained 4lbs worth of amazing memories - and I didn’t mind, because it was quick to come off again once I was home and got back into my normal routine. Don't let your weight loss journey stop you from having a good time, but also, don't let your holiday get in the way of your weight loss journey. It's all about balance this holiday season!