5 things you need to know about diabetes

We’ve got the answers to common questions about diabetes…
Published 26 July, 2023

Q. What is type 1 diabetes?

A. This form is most common in children but can develop at any age, and involves treatment with daily insulin doses. Type 1 occurs when your body is no longer able to produce insulin, due to the destruction of insulin-producing cells in the body. It’s  an autoimmune condition that’s not caused by diet or lifestyle. Although type 1 must be treated with insulin, it’s also a good idea to follow a healthy nutirional plan and stay active.

Q. What is type 2 diabetes?

A. Type 2 is the most common form of the disease, and although it’s normally diagnosed in people over the age of 40, it’s becoming more common in young adults and children. It occurs when your body is unable to produce enough insulin, or when the insulin your body can produce doesn’t work properly. Unlike type 1, which cannot be prevented, you can reduce your risk of type 2. The most effective treatment for type 2 is a combination of healthy eating and exercise, but you may still need medication or insulin.

Q. What is insulin?

A. It’s a hormone that helps your body convert the glucose (or sugar) in your blood to energy. But when insulin doesn’t work correctly, or your body can’t produce it on its own, you can end up with an excess of glucose in your blood, which causes diabetes.

Q. How can I reduce my risk?

A. Some risk factors, like age, ethnicity, and family history, are unavoidable, and type 1 can’t be prevented. But there are a couple of easy ways you can lower your risk of type 2. In fact, three in five cases can be delayed or prevented following these steps…

Move more

Whether you’re challenging friends using your Fitbit™, gathering your fellow WW Members to go on a jog, or simply walking the kids to school, staying active will keep your body healthy, lower your type 2 risk, and make you feel good.

Eat better

Points® promotes healthy eating, and by choosing lower Points foods, you’re more likely to be eating less sugar, which is a positive step. Our goal is to make healthy eating as easy as possible. The WW app has everything you need to follow a healthier lifestyle, including access to hundreds of healthy and delicious recipes, meal ideas, and Connect, our online social community, where you can share tips and get advice from people in the same boat. 

Q. What if I already have type 2?

A. If you’re currently on medication or insulin for type 2, speak to your doctor about how WW can support you. Losing weight, getting fitter, and making healthier eating choices could help you manage your diabetes. Plus, the support of your WW Coach and WW Workshop will give you another outlet when you need to share, or find yourself in need of motivation. And remember that regular check-ups with your doctor are important; they’ll monitor your diabetes, adjust your medication as required, and keep you informed of your progress.