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How to really blossom this spring

Make this season your most successful yet by embracing all that spring has to offer
Published 12 March, 2018
Eat seasonally

If you’ve been enjoying comforting stews and bakes all winter long, now’s the perfect time to take advantage of the bounty of fresh fruit and veggies that spring brings. Head to farmers’ markets or seek out the seasonal deals in your local supermarket (asparagus and rhubarb are especially great right now) and use the recipe finder, WW magazines or WW cookbooks for recipe inspiration. 

Start moving more

It’s easy to use bad weather as a justification for skipping your workout, but now that the days are getting longer and brighter, there really aren’t any more excuses. Go for a jog in a local green space, squeeze in an extra dog walk, or try an outdoor fitness class. You’ll not only get some fresh air and boost your mood, but just 30 minutes of activity could earn you 3 FitPoints*.

Think ahead

Prone to allergies or spring colds? Clear your cupboards of old, out-of-date prescriptions and stock up on new medicines and herbal remedies that work for you. If you’re yet to find a relief to your allergies, consider making an appointment with your GP to see what they recommend. Dodging health hiccups will mean you’re more likely to keep eating well and exercising regularly.

Gear up

Be proactive in preventing sports injuries and strains by having a spring clean of your workout gear. Do your resistance bands look like they’re about to break? Then it’s time to replace them before they snap during use and hurt you. Have your trainers worn thin? Your feet need to be properly supported – especially if you regularly walk or run long distances – so look at getting some new ones.  

Make small shifts

You already know how to make smart eating choices, keep active and stay well. But it’s still easy to let old habits sneak back in. Keep a food diary for a week (or look through last week’s entries if you already have one) and see where you could make improvements – maybe you would benefit from eating more fruit and veg, or perhaps you could swap out a few of those fizzy drinks for extra water. Positive changes, no matter how small, will all add up to help you become a healthier, happier version of yourself.

*FitPoints calculated based on a 10st person exercising at moderate intensity.