Health & wellbeing

Healthy home, healthy you

Thinking of smartening up your home? The right home improvements can help you think more positively, eat more healthily and become more active.
Published 19 December, 2019

Just like you decorate your home for comfort and good times, you can arrange your space to help you on your weight and wellness journey. In fact, studies show that our environment can impact how we act and the choices we make.

Use these suggestions, which help you recognise and make healthy choices more easily, as a starting point to prepare your surroundings for myWW™.

1. Put out fruit

Pile a bowl high with grapes or berries and keep it on your coffee table - you can reach into it when you're watching telly and fancy a snack.

2. Pack a snack

Use your kitchen scales to pre-portion nibbles to reduce decision making later down the line.

3. Simplify your morning

Not an early riser? Arrange your breakfast ingredients at the front of your fridge and leave out cooking tools the night before.

4. Start writing

Keep a notebook and pen on your bedside table, so you can write down three things you're thankful for at the end of each day - it can be anything from finishing a chapter of a book to catching up with a friend.

5. Get sneaky

Want to nibble less on certain special treats? Stash them in cabinets you don't usually open or that can't be easily reached, and keep your go-to snacks at eye level.

6. Cue activity

Place your alarm clock across the room, next to your fitness clothes, to help you get moving.