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3 ways to get motivated (and stay motivated!)

It’s natural for motivation levels to drop sometimes, no matter how dedicated you are. These simple tips can help you feel happier and more inspired.
Published 19 November, 2015

How you think and feel can make a real difference to your enthusiasm and your weight loss. Feeling disappointed? You might be tempted to go off track. Had a good week? You might feel like you could conquer the world!

We all have weeks when the scales stick, but don’t give up. Use these three tricks whenever your mojo needs a boost.

1. Make a ‘why’ list
Think about the day you joined WW– what inspired that decision? How did you feel when you took that first step? Write detailed answers so you can look back and reconnect with the surge of positivity that kick-started your journey.

2. Create your own stepping-stones
The only way to achieve results is by changing your routine, but you need to start small and be realistic. Setting yourself huge targets means you’re more likely to miss them. So if you want to be fitter, for example, start by doing one push-up every morning, not 20, and build up gradually.

3. Take time to review
Recording your weight every week means you can see your weight loss progressing, but make sure you also track your Points®, everything you eat and drink, and log your activity, so you’ve got a clear record of all your achievements, on and off the scales. Make tracking easier with the WW app - chances are you have your phone with you most of the time, so you can access it whenever you need to.