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Two-ingredient dough for ultimate pizza paradise

Love pizza? This simple baking hack will save you time and SmartPoints®.
Published 6 February, 2020

If you've ever reeaaally wanted pizza but you're worried about staying on the right side of your SmartPoints® Budget, this is the article for you.

(FYI, nothing's off the menu on the WW programme, and that definitely goes for pizza. In fact, here are 9 homemade pizza recipes you could whip up tonight. Plus, eat out at Pizza Express and Pizza Hut with our handy SmartPoints guides to their menus. Our top tip? Pizza Hut serves up tasty Flatbreads that clock in between 11 and 16SP.)

However, if you don't feel like going out - and you quite fancy dessert tonight too, because why not - you'll love this two-ingredient pizza dough.

A seemingly magical cooking hack, our two-ingredient dough is made by simply combining self-raising flour and plain fat-free Greek yogurt - that's all there is to it! And because Greek yogurt is a ZeroPoint™ food on some myWW™ plans, the only SmartPoints you need to count come from the flour. Did we mention that the yogurt infuses your dough with extra protein to keep you fuller for longer? 

It's simple, and it's a serious SmartPoints saver. There's only one thing for it - it's time to get your bake on!

Two-ingredient dough recipes

And a dessert, because it totally fits into your daily SmartPoints Budget. On Purple? Try building breakfast and lunch around your ZeroPoint™ foods list.