9 recipes that will make you feel like you're in Greece

Transport your taste buds to the Med (even if you can't go there in person quite yet).
Published 24 May, 2021

Eat like a Greek

We may not be able to go on holiday where we want right now, but there's no reason we can't serve up a foreign feast at home! Since 17th May, up to six people or two households have been able to meet indoors, so why not invite friends or family over for a Mediterranean meal? (If the weather is nice enough to sit outdoors, you can host more people - up to 30, in line with government guidelines). Scroll down for tasty recipes - it's time to get your Greek on!


Greeks like to keep breakfast simple, as they generally consider lunch the most important meal of the day. Start your day with eggs scrambled the Greek way, known by the locals as strapatsada or kayianaas. Serve with a bowl of fruit and a coffee. 


A long, leisurely lunch at a Greek taverna usually consists of hot and cold meze, lots of dishes shared between a group. A large Greek salad is a must for the table - light, colourful and refreshing!


Moussaka is a delicious aubergine casserole, and perhaps the most widely recognised of all Greek dishes. Another delicious dinner - if you're in the mood for street food - is souvlaki, small pieces of meat and sometimes vegetables grilled on a skewer.