Take time for you

Gentle stress-busters you can do anytime, anywhere.
Published 9 January, 2017

Stressed? You’re not the only one. Often described as a feeling of being overloaded or ‘wound-up tight’, stress isn’t always a negative, and it can motivate you to get things done or perform well. But stress can be harmful if it interferes with your ability to get on with normal life for extended periods of time.

For starters, in bigger ‘doses’ stress can steal everything from your sleep to how happy you feel. And it can also make sticking to a healthier lifestyle more challenging. One reason for that is that three out of four of us say we turn to food as a coping mechanism when we’re stressed. Another is that stress triggers a physical reaction that may make foods jam-packed with fat and sugar seem more appetising. So doing what you can to dial down your stress levels is a smart move, and there are a number of strategies that can help.