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Claire: 5 things I learned when I lost 5st

Published 14 March, 2016

CoachI’m now a Weight Watchers Coach because I want to inspire other people to change their lives for the better. 


Claire, 31

Lost: 5st 1lb

Height: 5'5" Start weight: 14st 6lb
Current weight: 9st 5lb

Claire decided to ditch the fad diets and get healthy for good by finding her own motivation and listening to her body.

1. It's good to work out what will motivate you
For me, the push to slim down was the determination to fit into a gorgeous spotty dress I bought six months before I wanted to wear it to a party. Back then, I was a size 20, and couldn't even get it past my thighs. I would try it on every three weeks, only to feel disappointed by the way it clung in all the wrong places – until it fitted beautifully, just when it mattered, on the night of my husband, Adam's, Christmas work party.

2. Listen to your body's health warnings
I had my first daughter, Annahbelle, in 2005 and my second, Emily, four years later. All the lifting and bending of early motherhood combined with my excess weight caused my knee to pop from its socket three times. The pain was agonising and the doctor mentioned knee-replacement surgery, an operation my mother had when she was nearly 60 – I was less than half her age! It was the health warning I needed.

3. Tracking really works
Before starting on Weight Watchers, I experimented with every fad diet going. Calorie counting, eating one apple a day… but any weight I lost, I piled straight back on. Tracking was a revelation. Instead of grabbing food without thinking, everything that went into my mouth had to be written down and accounted for, which made me more mindful about my choices.

4. You can learn to love exercise!
I hate gyms and would never think of going to one, but I soon discovered, walking I can do! So I try to walk 10,000 to 15,000 steps a day, counting them with my Fitbit; I often take a longer route than necessary, just so I can clock up my steps. Check out our selection of Fitbits, available to buy in our online shop.

5. Remind yourself of the benefits of being slimmer
They are never-ending, and thinking about them can help inspire you. These days, I can chase and play with my girls, squeeze into dodgems beside them at the funfair and even run – and win – a mums' race on their school sports day! I'm now a Weight Watchers Coach because I want to inspire other people to change their lives for the better.