30 vegetarian dinner recipes

Eating vegetarian doesn't mean only eating veggies. Explore the different types of meat substitutes in these tasty dinner ideas.
Published 31 January 2021

Vegetarian dinners everyone will love

Dinners for vegetarians does not mean only eating vegies and salad, there are plenty of delicious vegetarian ingredients out there to make tasty vego dinners.

Whether you're a vegetarian or just trying to enjoy some meat-free dinners we have some tasty vegetarian dinner recipes here for you.

Below you will find a range of hearty vegetarian dinners including our quick sweet potato, chickpea and spinach curry, great for a mid-week dinner idea. Indian-style chickpea patties with sweet potato and mint yoghurt. Or try our slow cooked mushroom and barley risotto, pearl barley adds a light and fluffy component that compliments the Swiss brown mushrooms and sharpness of rocket and parmesan.