21 sweet and savoury pancakes to enjoy this Pancake Day

Whether you like sweet or savoury, simple or decadent, we have pancake recipes to suit every taste.
Published 14 February 2021 | Updated 20 June 2024
White bean and blueberry pancakes

Pancakes are a beloved breakfast staple, but they're often loaded with sugar and carbs that may impact your weight health goals. Luckily, there are many healthy pancake recipes out there you can enjoy. Here are just a few options to consider:

  • Banana oat pancakes: These pancakes are made with oat flour and mashed bananas for a naturally sweet and filling breakfast. Simply blend rolled oats in a food processor until they resemble flour, then add in mashed bananas, eggs, baking powder, and cinnamon. Cook on a non-stick frying pan until golden brown. Want an even lower Point option? Omit the oats to create our member's fave 3-ingredient pancake—banana, egg and flour is all it takes.
  • Greek yoghurt pancakes: Greek yoghurt is a great source of protein, making it a perfect addition to pancake batter. Mix together flour, baking powder, egg whites, and 99% fat-free Greek yoghurt (a ZeroPoint food) for a high-protein, low-Point breakfast. Top with fresh berries.
  • Cottage cheese pancakes: Cottage cheese is another great source of protein, and it can give pancakes a fluffy texture. Mix together cottage cheese, oats, eggs, and baking powder for a protein-packed breakfast that will keep you full all morning.
  • Almond flour pancakes: Almond flour is a great low-carb alternative to traditional flour, and it gives pancakes a subtle nutty flavour. Mix together almond flour, eggs, almond milk, vanilla extract, and baking powder for a delicious and filling breakfast.

With these healthy pancake options, you can enjoy a delicious breakfast while still losing weight.

What is Shrove Tuesday?

Traditionally, Shrove Tuesday marks the day before Lent and 40 days of fasting in the Christian calendar. Pancakes were cooked and eaten to use up foods like eggs, milk and sugar. This year, Pancake Day is on the 13th of February 2024 and it's a great excuse to whip up some pancakes. Whether you like sweet or savoury, simple or decadent, we have pancake recipes to suit every taste.