21 best egg recipes for every mealtime

Eggs are quick to prepare, packed full of protein, vitamins and minerals.
Published 22 September 2020 | Updated 11 April 2024
Baked ham and egg cups

Packed with protein, simple to cook and incredibly versatile, eggs are a must- have ingredient – if you have a few eggs to hand, you’ll never be short of a tasty meal. Whether they’re simply poached on toast, soft-boiled in a classic Niçoise salad or part of a sauce in a spaghetti carbonara, eggs take the starring role in many delicious dishes. You can aim to eat up to six eggs a week as part of a healthy, balanced diet. Eggs are also a ZeroPoint food category on the Points Program. ZeroPoint foods are nutritional powerhouses that you can reach for frequently and consistently, without weighing, measuring, or tracking them.

Tips for cooking eggs

  • Hard-boil half a dozen eggs at a time and store unpeeled in the fridge to add to salads, vegetable curries and as an anytime snack.
  • An omelette is a great breakfast, lunch or dinner when time is short. Fill with lots of veggies, corn or peas for a filling meal.
  • Scrambled eggs are a classic breakfast dish, but you can mix things up by adding in some grated cheese, diced ham, or fresh herbs like chives or parsley.
  • A frittata is a great way to use up any leftover veggies you have in the fridge. Simply sauté them in a pan, pour in some beaten eggs, and bake until set.
  • For a fun twist on deviled eggs, try filling the egg whites with guacamole or hummus instead of the traditional filling.

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Eggs for brekkie

Here are some delicious and easy-to-make egg recipes that you can enjoy for breakfast. These recipes are not only tasty but also a great source of protein to help you stay full and energised throughout the morning. Try them out and see which one becomes your new favourite!

Eggs for dinner

Eggs aren't only for breakfast time, in fact, eggs are a versatile ingredient that can be used in a variety of dishes any time of day. Here is a selection of egg recipes you can enjoy at dinner time including carbonara, quiche and shakshuka.