Success Stories

Winning Together

This husband and wife duo found inspiration through each other and became the active couple they never thought they’d be!

Robyn Grantz, OnlinePlus, Lost 45 lb*

Jimmy Grantz, OnlinePlus, Lost 50 lb*

*People following the Weight Watchers plan can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week. Robyn lost 45 lb and Jimmy lost 50 lb on a prior Weight Watchers program and SmartPoints®.

Colorado is one of the healthiest states. Now we’re a part of that!—Robyn

A conversation with Robyn & Jimmy:

What motivated you to join Weight Watchers?

Robyn I’m a nurse practitioner for the military, and I encourage my patients to maintain a healthy weight. When I saw a photo of myself at one of our son’s basketball games, I was shocked. How could I instruct others to lose weight if I needed to myself? The next day, I joined online.
Jimmy It was after a few months of seeing Robyn’s success that I decided to try out the program. I’m a high school basketball coach and I was starting to feel sluggish on the court during practice. I wanted to set an example for the kids on my team and our two teenage sons. Robyn never pressured me to join; I decided it was something I wanted for myself.

Have you both become more active?

Robyn You have no idea! We go on lots of walks and runs together. They’re hugely therapeutic. It gives us time to decompress after the day, talk about what’s on our minds or things we need to work through. And I have so much more energy to stay up for our sons’ late-night basketball games.
Jimmy It helps that we live in such an amazing area; we have the mountains and so much natural beauty in our backyard. We’ve been up and down this incredible trail right near our house thousands of times, you’d think there would be a groove in the ground. Now, I can almost keep up with my sons and my players on the court. I play a full 18 holes of golf and carry my bag the whole time—and my golf game’s gotten better!

What’s your go-to piece of advice?

Robyn Plan your meals! It’s a great time-saver. Your fridge will be stocked with all the right ingredients, and you’ll stay away from the junk food. We also split up the responsibilities—it makes our lives easier. Jimmy does the regular grocery shopping and I do the cooking. It gives us great balance.
Jimmy Stay positive. Remember that every day is a new day—one bad day doesn’t mean the next can’t turn around. If you string together enough good days, you’re going to see results.

How have you affected each other’s journey?

Jimmy I know that, for me, it’s hard to be disciplined about something when everyone else around you isn’t. That was one of the great things about doing the Program with Robyn—there was no envy, all support, and even a little bit of helpful, friendly competition.
Robyn Having Jimmy during this process is like having a battle buddy—that’s what they call it in the military—someone that you’re always looking out for, who’s always looking out for you, too. That’s what he was for me. And we came out victorious.

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