Zabaglione Parfaits

Total Time
16 min
6 min
10 min
Zabaglione is a wonderfully light dessert or sauce that is made airy and voluminous from beating egg yolks, sugar, and Marsala wine over simmering water.


uncooked egg yolk(s)

3 large



table wine

3 Tbsp, dry Marsala variety


2 cup(s), fresh, quartered

fresh blueberries

2 cup(s), fresh


  1. Place the egg yolks, sugar, and Marsala in the top part of a double boiler; beat with a wire whisk until well combined. Fill the bottom part of the double boiler half full of water; bring to a simmer. Set the top part of the double boiler over the bottom part and cook the egg-yolk mixture, whisking constantly, until the yolks thicken and cook and the volume triples, 8–10 minutes. Remove the top part of the double boiler from the bottom half of the double boiler and let the mixture cool slightly, about 1 minute.
  2. Divide the strawberries and blueberries among 6 parfait or sundae glasses; top each with one-sixth (about 1/4 cup) of the zabaglione. Serve at once. Yields 1 parfait per serving.


This rich delight is often served alone, but we prefer to stretch it by serving it as a sauce over fresh fruit. A gift from Italy, zabaglione is also served in France, where it is known as sabayon.Zabaglione is wonderful cold as well as hot. To make ahead, simply cool the mixture quickly over a bowl of ice water. Transfer the zabaglione to an airtight container and refrigerate for up to 24 hours.

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