Photo of Veal scallopini with lemon, garlic, and pine nuts by WW

Veal scallopini with lemon, garlic, and pine nuts

SmartPoints® value per serving
Total Time
28 min
18 min
10 min
This quick and elegant dinner is a snap to make: Simply brown the veal and toss it together with the tasty pan sauce. It takes under half an hour from start to finish to get this impressive-looking entrée ready to go. The veal is dredged in seasoned flour before cooking, and the sauce is made with butter, chopped pine nuts, and garlic, which are cooked until softened and fragrant, then fresh lemon juice and chicken broth are stirred in to finish it off. Sprinkle with some fresh parsley just before serving for a bright pop of color and texture. Serve thinly sliced potatoes, veggies, or a simple green salad alongside to complete the meal.


All-purpose flour

2 Tbsp

Table salt

tsp, or to taste

Black pepper

tsp, or to taste

Uncooked lean veal leg

16 oz, four 4 oz scaloppini cuts

Olive oil cooking spray

1 spray(s)

Light butter

2 tsp

Pine nuts

1 Tbsp, chopped

Garlic clove(s)

1 medium clove(s), minced

Fat free chicken broth

¼ cup(s)

Fresh lemon juice

3 Tbsp

Fresh parsley

1 Tbsp, fresh, chopped


  1. Mix together flour, salt and pepper on a large plate. Dredge veal in flour, coating both sides and patting off any excess.
  2. Coat a large, nonstick skillet with cooking spray; set over high heat. Sauté veal on both sides until nicely browned and firm, about 2 minutes per side (sauté in batches, if necessary, recoating the pan with cooking spray between each batch); remove and set aside.
  3. Add butter, pine nuts and garlic to pan and toss over medium heat until fragrant, about 2 minutes. Whisk in lemon juice and broth; bring to a simmer.
  4. Return veal to pan, along with any accumulated juices, just long enough to reheat, about 2 to 3 minutes. Place veal on dinner plates, top each with 1/4 of sauce, sprinkle with parsley and serve.