Photo of Vanilla chai latte by WW

Vanilla chai latte

Total Time
15 min
10 min
5 min
You'll love how quickly and easily this latte comes together; it takes just 15 minutes to make. This recipe is designed to serve one, but you can scale it up if you're having a bunch of people over for breakfast. This is even delicious as an after-dinner drink, as it'll complement any dessert. You don't need to use the stovetop either. After letting the tea steep, simply warm up the milk in the microwave for super-fast cleanup. Pour the hot milk over the tea, garnish with a pinch of ground cinnamon, and your latte is ready to go. You'll love it so much, you may find yourself making it every morning before you start your busy day.


Tea bag

1 item(s), chai spice variety

Sugar free French vanilla powdered creamer

1 Tbsp

Hot water

8 fl oz, boiling

1% low-fat milk

¼ cup(s)

Ground cinnamon

1 pinch(es)


  1. Steep teabag in water for 5 minutes; stir in creamer until completely dissolved.
  2. Warm milk in microwave; whisk briefly until foamy. Pour milk over tea; garnish with cinnamon and enjoy immediately.
  3. Makes 1 serving.