Truffle and Lemon Popcorn

Total Time
17 min
12 min
5 min
This recipe was originially published in FOOD, HEALTH and HAPPINESS by Oprah Winfrey.


Grapeseed oil

2 Tbsp

WW Premium White Popcorn Kernels

5 Tbsp, unpopped

Sea salt

½ tsp

Black pepper

¼ tsp, freshly ground

Lemon zest

½ tsp, or Sabatino Truffle Zest (truffle zest recommended)

Fresh lemon juice

2 tsp

Parmesan cheese

1 oz


  1. Heat the oil in a 3-quart or larger pot over medium-high heat. Put 3 or 4 kernels in the pot and cover the pot. When the starter kernels pop, add the rest of the kernels, gently shaking the pan to set them in an even layer, and put the lid back on. Remove from the heat for 30 seconds; this tempers the kernels to allow them to pop at around the same time. Return the pot to the heat, and once the kernels begin to pop, between 30 seconds and 1 minute, gently move the pot back and forth over the burner. Once the popcorn slows to several seconds between pops, remove from the heat and pour the popcorn into a large bowl. Toss with the salt, black pepper, and Truffle Zest. Pour the lemon juice into a food-safe spray bottle or atomizer and spritz the popcorn with it, tossing to evenly infuse the popcorn with the juice. Grate cheese over top; mix to coat.
  2. Serving size: 2 2/3 c