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Salmon sandwich wrap with nori

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The simple wrap sandwich is elevated through the addition of some flavor-packed Japanese ingredients. Spicy wasabi mixed with mayo makes a zingy condiment while the salty crunch of nori adds an earthy umami to the wrap. If you are planning to serve salmon, make a few extra fillets as this recipe makes great use of the leftovers. Ready in a flash, making something healthy for one is a joy with this wrap which also travels well for an on-the-go lunch or quick dinner at the ball park while the kids have practice.



1 item(s)

Cooked wild Atlantic salmon fillet(s)

3 oz, in chunks

Nori seaweed

1 sheet(s)

Shredded uncooked napa cabbage

1 cup(s)

California (Hass) avocado

¼ item(s), without skin and seed, 2 slices

Rice wine vinegar

2 Tbsp

Fat free mayonnaise

1 Tbsp

Prepared wasabi paste

¼ tsp, or to taste

Table salt

1 pinch(es)

Black pepper

1 pinch(es)


  1. In a bowl, toss the cabbage with the rice wine vinegar and toss, seasoning with salt and pepper.
  2. In another small bowl, mix the wasabi and the mayonnaise together until combined.
  3. To assemble wrap, place the nori onto the flatbread first, then arrange the salmon evenly over the nori. Top with the dressed cabbage, avocado, and finally the wasabi mayonnaise. Roll up the flatbread beginning at rounded end, and cut in half .