Photo of Mixed green, grape & goat cheese salad with champagne vinaigrette by WW

Mixed green, grape & goat cheese salad with champagne vinaigrette

Total Time
25 min
25 min
The variety of flavors and textures in this salad is one reason it’s so satisfying. Crisp sweet grapes, crunchy cucumbers, leafy greens, slivered almonds, and creamy goat cheese all tossed together with a shallot and tarragon Champagne vinaigrette. Shallots are sweeter and milder than regular onions, providing a lovely crispness and balance to the more assertively flavored tarragon. Fresh tarragon is best here since dried tarragon has a much more subdued flavor. Toast the almonds in a dry skillet over medium-high heat for 2 to 3 minutes or until they smell toasty. Serve this salad as a side to roasted or grilled pork tenderloin or chicken.



¼ cup(s), chopped, minced

Fresh tarragon

¼ cup(s), chopped

Champagne vinegar

¼ cup(s)


3 Tbsp, warm

Olive oil

4 tsp

Kosher salt

¾ tsp

Black pepper

¼ tsp

Mixed greens

5 oz, about 6 cups

English cucumber

1 medium, thinly sliced

Red seedless grapes

2 cup(s), halved

Slivered almonds

¼ cup(s), toasted

Soft goat cheese

4 Tbsp


  1. Whisk together shallot, tarragon, vinegar, water, oil, salt, and pepper; set aside.
  2. In a serving bowl, toss together lettuce, cucumber, and grapes; drizzle with dressing and garnish with almonds and cheese.
  3. Serving size: 2 cups salad with 2 tbsp dressing