Photo of Fudge Ice Cream Bar-Icebox Cake by WW

Fudge Ice Cream Bar-Icebox Cake

Total Time
3 hr 15 min
10 min
Icebox cakes are a delicious, simple, no-cook dessert. They only take minutes to prepare and the flavor combinations are endless. Other options include adding powdered peanut butter or cocoa powder to the whipped topping, using vanilla wafers instead of graham crackers, and swapping in a variety of other WW ice cream bars. Just make sure the cake defrosts for a few minutes before cutting.


WW Giant Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream Bar

4 bar(s)

Chocolate graham cracker(s)

12 square(s), or regular graham crackers

Frozen lowfat whipped topping

2 cup(s), divided


1 medium, thinly sliced and/or sliced strawberries

Fresh raspberries

1 cup(s), or mixed berries


  1. Let ice cream bars defrost for 1-2 minutes.
  2. Meanwhile, line a standard loaf pan with a long sheet of plastic wrap or aluminum foil, making sure it hangs over pan by a few inches to use as handles. Place 6 graham cracker squares in bottom of pan to cover bottom in an even layer; top with 1 cup whipped topping.
  3. Slide sticks out of ice cream bars; place bars over graham crackers, side by side in an even layer, and press down gently. Top with a layer of thinly sliced bananas and/or strawberries; top with another layer of 6 graham cracker squares.
  4. Spoon remaining whipped topping over top; refrigerate for 1 hour and then freeze for 1-2 hours. Let sit at room temperature a few minutes; garnish with berries. Slice into 8 equal pieces.
  5. Serving size: 1 piece