Photo of Frozen Chocolate Mint Cups by WW

Frozen Chocolate Mint Cups

Total Time
2 hr 7 min
7 min
0 min
Keep a stash of these chocolate-mint treats in your freezer for a sweet summer indulgence. This easy chocolate dessert can be made in several flavors. For a pure chocolate treat, replace the mint extract with chocolate or vanilla extract and swap the mint patties for an ounce of mint chocolate chips. However you prepare it, it's a cool, decadent treat. Great for entertaining, it's also a great birthday cake stand in for warm weather babies. Just slide the candles into the whipped topping and celebrate!


Chocolate wafer(s)

1 oz, about 5 cookies

Chocolate covered mint patties

3 piece(s), frozen, chopped

Mint extract

¼ tsp

Unsweetened cocoa powder

1 tsp

Fat free whipped topping

7 oz, about 1 whole aerosol can

Fat free skim milk

¼ cup(s)

Chocolate syrup

2 Tbsp

Light whipped topping

6 Tbsp, vanilla or chocolate


  1. Line six muffin tin holes with foil cupcake liners.
  2. In a blender, combine the wafers, extract, cocoa, fat-free whipped topping, and milk; blend until completely combined. Divide the mixture evenly among the prepared muffin liners; freeze for at least 2 hours.
  3. Just before serving, top each with 1/6 of the chopped mint patties, 1 teaspoon of chocolate syrup and 1 tablespoon of whipped topping.
  4. Serving Size: 1 cup