Photo of Cranberry-sage couscous stuffing by WW

Cranberry-sage couscous stuffing

Total Time
55 min
15 min
40 min
Your guests will appreciate this spin on traditional stuffing. It's a tart, side dish that will complement the rest of the flavors in your Thanksgiving meal. You can prepare the stuffing the day before Thanksgiving until the point of baking it and simply finish cooking it while the turkey’s roasting. In fact, it’s so easy you could make anytime you're entertaining during the fall season and pair it with roasted pork instead. If you like cranberries to on the sweeter side, try tossing the cooked cranberries with your favorite zero-calorie sweetener. We loved the nostalgic aroma sage lends but you could pump up the herbal notes by tossing in some chopped fresh rosemary and thyme too.


Fresh cranberries

4 cup(s), fresh

Uncooked whole wheat couscous

10 oz

Fat free chicken broth

2 cup(s), or vegetable broth

Olive oil

2 tsp

Uncooked onion(s)

1 medium, sweet, chopped

Uncooked celery

3 rib(s), medium, diced

Raw sage

oz, minced (use 6 whole leaves)

Cooking spray

1 spray(s)

Table salt

tsp, or to taste

Black pepper

tsp, or to taste


  1. Place cranberries in a large pot of water; boil until most have popped, about 5 minutes. Drain and set aside.
  2. Meanwhile, prepare couscous according to package directions using broth instead of water.
  3. In a large skillet, heat oil over high heat. Add onion, celery and sage and stir-fry until onion is tender but not brown, about 5 minutes. Remove skillet from heat; add couscous and cranberries to skillet and stir until well mixed. Season to taste with salt and pepper if desired.
  4. Preheat oven to 350ºF. Coat a 1-quart casserole dish with cooking spray. Spoon couscous mixture into dish and bake for 30 minutes. Yields about 1 heaping cup per serving.