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Chinese chicken salad

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Total Time
18 min
18 min
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Reinvent leftover chicken in this Chinese-influenced salad. It's a cinch to toss together and a great use for leftover cooked chicken. The red bell peppers, carrots, and snow peas add beautiful color and delicious crunch. We recommend serving it over mixed greens or spooned into large lettuce leaves to incorporate even more veggies. Try it as make-ahead, packable lunch. You can whip it together in just a few minutes and store in the fridge for up to a day. Just be sure to store the lettuce and salad in separate containers to keep the lettuce crisp. Accompany it with a side of sweet grapes or pineapple for guilt-free dessert.


Fat free mayonnaise

½ cup(s)

Less sodium soy sauce

1 Tbsp

Fresh ginger

1 tsp, fresh, grated

Cooked boneless skinless chicken breast

1 pound(s), thinly sliced or shredded (about 3 cups)

Snow peas

½ cup(s), whole, cut in half lengthwise on a diagonal

Red bell pepper

½ cup(s), diced


½ cup(s), shredded


¼ cup(s), chopped, sliced

Bibb lettuce

4 leaf/leaves, medium


  1. In a large bowl, whisk together mayonnaise, soy sauce and ginger until blended. Add chicken, snow peas, peppers, carrots and scallions; toss to mix and coat.
  2. Immediately serve salad in lettuce leaves or cover and refrigerate up to 1 day. Yields about 1 1/4 cups chicken salad and 1 lettuce leaf per serving.