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Chicken with broccoli rabe and white beans

Points® value
Total Time
30 min
15 min
15 min
Here’s a rustic, homemade meal where quintessential Tuscan ingredients like crushed red pepper, garlic, lemon juice and lemon zest prove they can elevate humble chicken and canned beans to create a bold-flavored dish. Broccoli rabe, also called rapini, is a long slender vegetable related to the turnip family so its flavor is more similar to a bitter green rather than that of actual broccoli. If broccoli rabe is too bitter for your taste, feel free to use regular broccoli instead. This can serve a light meal but for a heartier dinner serve with some warm bread to soak up the sauce.


All-purpose flour

1½ Tbsp, or gluten-free flour

Kosher salt

½ tsp

Black pepper

¼ tsp, freshly ground

Uncooked boneless skinless chicken breast

12 oz, cut in large chunks

Olive oil

2 tsp, extra-virgin

Fat-free reduced sodium chicken broth

1 cup(s)

Jarred minced garlic

1 Tbsp

Crushed red pepper flakes

¼ tsp


8 oz, or broccoli rabe, coarsely chopped (about 6 cups)

Canned cannellini beans

15 oz, rinsed and drained

Fresh lemon juice

1 tsp, or to taste

Lemon zest

½ tsp, or to taste

Table salt

tsp, or to taste


  1. On a plate, combine, flour, salt and pepper; add chicken and turn to coat.
  2. Heat oil in a large nonstick skillet over medium-high heat. Add chicken and cook, turning as needed, until browned and cooked through, about 6 minutes; remove to a plate.
  3. Add broth, garlic and red pepper flakes to same skillet; bring to a boil over high heat, scrapping up browned bits from bottom of pan with a wooden spoon.
  4. Add broccoli or broccoli rabe; cover and cook over medium-high heat until broccoli or broccoli rabe is almost crisp-tender, about 3 minutes.
  5. Stir in beans; cover and cook over medium-high heat until broccoli or broccoli rabe is tender about 2 minutes. Uncover and mash some beans to thicken sauce slightly.
  6. Stir in chicken; cook until heated through and then season to taste with fresh lemon juice, zest and/or salt, if desired. Yields about 1 cup per serving.