Asian chicken and greens

Total Time
23 min
15 min
8 min
A portion of the marinade performs double-duty—we add it to the delicious orange-and-peanut–flavored salad dressing. The marinade in this recipe is bold enough to flavor chicken in just 15 minutes. If you prefer to assemble the chicken the night before, you can marinate it in a zip-close plastic bag in the refrigerator overnight. Also, when buying fresh ginger, look for smooth, shiny skin without wrinkles. Fresh ginger can be stored up to several weeks wrapped in paper towels in an unsealed plastic bag in the refrigerator. Or place sliced or minced peeled ginger in a plastic freezer bag and freeze for up to several months.


Unseasoned rice vinegar

2 Tbsp, seasoned

Less sodium soy sauce

1 Tbsp


2 clove(s), minced

Fresh ginger

1½ tsp, fresh, peeled and grated


½ tsp

Uncooked skinless boneless chicken thigh

10 oz, 2 items

Unsweetened orange juice

1 Tbsp

Creamy peanut butter with omega-3

1 tsp, or smooth

Mixed greens

5 oz, bag, spring mix salad


½ small, cut into wedges


1 small, diced


  1. To make the marinade, combine the vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, ginger, and sugar in a medium bowl. Transfer 1 tablespoon of the marinade to a microwavable cup. Add the chicken to the marinade in the bowl; toss to coat. Refrigerate 15 minutes.
  2. Add the orange juice and peanut butter to themarinade in the cup; heat in the microwave on High just until the marinade is warm and the peanut butter is melted, about 15 seconds; whisk until smooth.
  3. Line the broiler pan with foil; preheat the broiler. Pat the chicken dry with paper towels; place in the broiler pan. Broil 5 inches from the heat until browned, about 7 minutes. Turn the chicken and broil until cooked through, about 1 minute longer. Let stand 5 minutes. Slice the chicken and toss with the salad greens, onion, carrot, and dressing in a large bowl until combined. Yields 2 cups per serving.