Almond chicken cutlets with tangy cilantro slaw

Almond chicken cutlets with tangy cilantro slaw

Total Time
18 min
10 min
8 min
You can have a hearty entrée and tangy side ready to go on the table in less than 20 minutes. The breaded chicken slices nicely complement a fresh red cabbage coleslaw. When you're making the recipe, keep in mind that sprinkling the salt and chile powder directly on the cutlets instead of adding them to the breadcrumb mixture ensures that the seasonings stick to the chicken and guarantees you’ll taste the chile in the finished dish. Feel free to adjust the amount of chile powder you use based on your and your guests's spice tolerance. Having fresh lime wedges alongside when serving also really helps tie all of the flavors together.


Panko breadcrumbs

¾ cup(s)


¼ cup(s), sliced, ground

Uncooked boneless skinless chicken breast

20 oz, 4 (5-ounce cutlets), thinly sliced

Table salt

¾ tsp

Ancho chile powder

¼ tsp

Egg whites

1 large, lightly beaten

Olive oil

5 tsp

Fresh lime juice

3 Tbsp

Black pepper

¼ tsp

Shredded red cabbage

4 cup(s)


½ cup(s), fresh


½ item(s), cut into wedges


  1. Mix together panko and almonds on sheet of wax paper. Sprinkle chicken with 1/2 teaspoon salt and the chile powder. Dip cutlets, one at a time, in egg white, then coat with panko mixture.
  2. Heat 4 teaspoons oil in large nonstick skillet over medium heat. Add chicken and cook, turning once, until chicken is browned and cooked through, 6–8 minutes.
  3. Meanwhile, stir together lime juice, remaining 1 teaspoon oil, remaining 1/4 teaspoon salt, and the pepper in medium bowl. Add cabbage and cilantro; toss to coat. Serve chicken with slaw and lime wedges.
  4. Serving size: 1 chicken cutlet and 3/4 cup slaw