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WW x Blue Apron

Enjoy $110 off across Your First 4 Boxes—Plus Your First Box Ships Free!*

Offer terms: You’ll receive $27.50 plus $9.99 off of the first delivery of your subscription. The $9.99 will apply as credit to the shipping cost. You’ll then receive $27.50 off each of the next 3 deliveries of your subscription. Valid for meal plan subscriptions only. Limit one per household. Cannot be combined with any other offer.

You Have to Taste This Collaboration!

WW and Blue Apron are making it easier than ever to keep up your healthier lifestyle with WW-recommended recipes, now available for selection on Blue Apron's Signature menu and newest Meal Prep offering.

Meal Prep by Blue Apron allows you to cook once and get eight servings of food. You'll receive four different recipes that can be prepared in under two hours using one streamlined set of steps. Look for the WW, and subscribe to delicious, nutritious, and easy meals that help you get back to healthy in the new year.

Here's How It Works

Choose up to three recipes per week, each with pre-portioned ingredients delivered to your door.

Scan the barcode for easy tracking.

Create restaurant-quality meals at home with PersonalPoints™ calculated for you on your unique plan.

Enjoy cooking nutritious meals, minus the hassle of grocery shopping or meal planning.