Weight Loss & Diet

The Healthy Eating Zone

How you eat can change day to day. Sometimes you might be a little over your Budget, sometimes a little under—and either way, you’re doing great!

Looking for some motivation to help you stay on track? The #bluedotchallenge was created by our amazing members on Connect as a way to challenge themselves to stay within the Healthy Eating Zone each day.

What is the Healthy Eating Zone?

One of the ways our program encourages healthy and balanced eating in the real world is through the Healthy Eating Zone, which is your daily SmartPoints Budget plus a little wiggle room.

The Healthy Eating Zone if proof that you don’t have to be “perfect” to be on track for the day!

Does the Healthy Eating Zone change on each color? 

On Green it's -10/+8 (so if your Budget is 30, the Healthy Eating Zone would be 20-38)

On Blue, -13/+8 (if your Budget is 23, it be 10-31) 

On Purple, -11/+8 (if your Budget is 16, it would be 5-24)

What are the blue dots for? 

They keep you motivated and help you see your progress. When you track within your personalized Healthy Eating Zone, you earn a blue dot on My Day. Pretty soon, you have a healthy-eating streak going!

Check out how your fellow members are doing! Search #bluedotchallenge on Connect—44,408 posts and counting)!