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The WW Guide to Spring

Say it with us: “It’s! not! winter!” Now that is a reason to celebrate. As the seasons change, so can your routine—more daylight, please and thank you!—and we’re here to guide you through it. From al fresco workouts to recipes using seasonal produce, here’s everything you need to spring into action.

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From an expert:

The secret to seasonal success

“When it comes to spring-cleaning, one spot tends to get overlooked: the fridge! Try saying, ‘thank you and goodbye’ to items that have stayed past their welcome—think expiration dates from another calendar year, nearly-empty condiments, and stuff you never use.

Then, restock strategically: Keep items like fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, seafood, and your favorite unsweetened beverages front and center. And if you have time to pre-prep ingredients, do it! The truth is, you’re more likely to choose healthful bites if they’re convenient and in your sightline.”

—Jackie London, RD

WW's head of nutrition & wellness

Savor the taste of spring

Mmm... fresh herbs, ripe strawberries, bright citrusy flavors paired with in-season veggies—is there anything better? Bite into these mouth-watering recipes that showcase everything we love about this time of year.
A screen on a smart phone shows a variety of exercise options, including low impact, with a woman stretching on the ground, holding her feet, with kids, with a standing woman leaning forward with her hands clasped, apartment-friendly, with a woman holding a dumbbell toward the camera, no equipment with a woman running. There are also images of a man running and a barbell with a blue weight on the side.

Soak up the sun (and get your steps in)

More daylight means more time for movement—and more time outside! Check out our favorite ways to work out while getting some vitamin D.

  • Try an Obé Fitness workout in a park or green space. All you need is your mobile device!
  • Lace up your sneakers, and go on a stroll through a new neighborhood.

Ready to get movin’? Go to the Activity tab in the WW app!

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Spring into action

This season is all about spending time outside, so keeping our green spaces clean and safe is crucial! Here are two ways you can get involved in your community:

  • Organize a park/creek clean up or pick up trash in your neighborhood.
  • Volunteer with a local organization that works to clean up outdoor spaces.

Plus, did you know that in America’s 100 largest cities, 11.2 million people lack easy access to outdoor spaces?

Let’s help make them more accessible and safe for everybody!

  • Learn more about how you can make parks and green spaces available to all.
  • Donate to an organization working to democratize access to outdoor spaces.

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This season’s

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